Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Online betting FA Cup preview: Manchester City v Wigan

H2H Comparison: 13-4-6

Manchester City: The Citizens celebrated their first title after two years by winning the League Cup last Sunday, beating Sunderland 3-1 at Wembley. They started numbly and were down in the score just 10 minutes in. At the beginning of the second half they did not left room for questioning, equalizing with a magnificent shot from Toure (55') and taking the lead a minute later with Nasri. In the minute Jesus Navas formed the final score. It’s still hard to forget the last meeting with Wigan in the FA Cup final last year, where they lost the trophy conceding a late goal. However this year they have already gotten a vengeance, demolishing Wigan with 5-0 in the League Cup (24/09). They have won 8 of their last 9 encounters against Wigan. To get this far in the Cup, they eliminated Blackburn (1-1 away, 5-0 home), Watford (4-2 home), and Chelsea (2-0 home). On Wednesday, they travel to face Barcelona at Camp Nou, where they have a hard task of overturning the 0-2 of the first leg. Unavailable: central defender Nastasic (13 app.) and striker Jovetić (7 app./1 g.).

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Online betting Premier League preview: Arsenal v Crystal Palace

H2H Comparison: 2-8-17

Arsenal: With the performance in the away game ​​against Southampton, the draw (2-2) must have left satisfied the Gunners. The hosts were better, except for the first few minutes in the second half where they managed to turn the game (Giroud 48', Cazorla 52'). The home side had taken the lead in the 21th min and tied the score in 54th, while Arsenal played with 10 in the last ten minutes, due to the red card face by Flamini. It was the first bad appearance after a long time which had a double affect for Wenger’s side that saw Man. City taken the lead in the rank. They have the second best defense in the Premier (21). They are undefeated from Crystal Palace in their last 6 encounters (4-2-0). Only in two of them they have conceded. Suspended: defensive midfielder Flamini (17 app./1 g.). Unavailable: midfielders Wilshire (19 app./3 g./4 assists), Ramsey (18 app./8 g./6 assists), Diaby and forwards Walcott (14 app./5 g./4 assists), Sanogo (1 app.).

Home: 8-2-2
Goals: 25-15
Last 5: 4-1-0

Crystal Palace: They took advantage of their home won for a second consecutive game with the same score (1-0), with Puncheon being once more the only scorer. They were better in the first half against Hull where they took the lead (16'). The visitors pressed them high in the second half but the score did not change till the end. It was a very important victory, first because it was against a team with the same goals and second because through that they were able to get away for the first time this year from the relegation zone by four points. They have 6 consecutive under 2.5 goals, in 5 of them only one side scored. At the same time it has lost hardly only City and Tottenham in the last six. Remain without an away tie in 11 outings (2-0-9). They have the worst attack in the league (15). Doubtful: central defender Gabbidon (20 app./1 g.). Unavailable: left-back Parr (6 app.), defensive midfielder Dikgacoi (14 app.), attacking midfielder Jerome Thomas (6 app.) and striker Murray.

Away: 2-0-9
Goals: 5-17
Last 5: 2-1-2

Online betting Prediction: The match against Southampton was an ugly bracket for the Gunners, who are not expected to repeat such a performance. At 1.50 their victory, at 1.60 over 2.5 goals.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Why to choose sports-betting to gamble

Any type of gambling is thrilling. Your blood is pumping while you are waiting yours lucky number to appear on a screen or when the dice are rolling and you expect a perfect combination. But if you are fan of sports, then you have the choice to gamble in a result while you are watching your favorite sport/team/player. This is something that doubles the excitement for sure because you were already going to watch that event! But now you have a second interest, which is to make some earnings out of your favorite hobby!

The most usual ways to gamble include a certain amount of luck. Some of them are simply lucky guesses. In sports betting though, luck will be needed of course, but mostly is all about skill. In other words, it would be much easier to predict whether Real Madrid will win Osasuna playing at home, rather to choose the lucky number where the ball will sit in the roulette. The first example is all about skill and knowledge on which team is the better side, which one has the better player and which has the ability in overall to be successful. You might need to get informed from several websites, magazines or newspapers, to check sports online betting sites or read some of the free betting tips available on internet to make a conclusion. In the example of the roulette you just pick a number by luck and then just sit and wait. In sports betting you need to combine many factors to be successful.

Thus, if you are planning to gamble, then the best choice is to bet on sports. And nowadays there are even hundreds of different online gambling websites where you can play and win. When you have chosen the best betting website that meets your needs then you will be able to open a great range of available options, based purely on your skill and not on your luck. The factor of luck of course will be always there; intuition will be most welcomed too; and that is because you never know whether Messi will be injured during a game, something that will probably affects the team’s performance, or if David Moyes decides few hours before the game to leave Wayne Rooney on the bench. But still you can cover your initial bet in the live betting sector, a comparative advantage with no equivalent in other types of gambling.

There are also other important factors to choose sports-betting rather than any other type of gambling such as the house edge which is always a lower percentage in contrast with lotteries or casinos. Another basic difference is the vast variety of options in a sport event that usually are available in sports-betting sites. And if you are a person that seeks more excitement there is always live betting, one of the most thrilling aspect of modern is betting, that keeps your interest high minute-by-minute. There are also out-of-sports betting options, such as political election or the possible name that will be given in a famous’ couple child, something that happened in David and Victoria Beckham second and third child, or most recently in Prince William of England and Kate Middleton case. All the above should be taken under very detailed consideration in order to choose the right bookmaker and the available bets that suit you best.

Forget about luck; it is all about skill. Choose the best betting website, get informed from online betting tips and start collect your earnings!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Premier League preview: Tottenham v Hull

H2H Comparison: 3-1-1
Last year: -

Tottenham: The Spurs continued at the same rate their European obligations and although Villas-Boas made a few changes in the starting line-up in Moldova against Sheriff Tiraspol, his team made 3 out of 3 in Europa League, winning by 2-0 (Vertonghen 12', Defoe 75'). It was their 5th consecutive win in Europa this year, in all of them they have not conceded. They won with the same score in the league Aston Villa in a match in which they were not particularly threatened. Townsend opened the score in 31th with a direct free-kick, while Soldado returned to the scoring charts in 69', sealing the victory for his team. They returned in victories after 2 games (0-1-1) and caught Manchester City in 5th place. In all 5 victories so far in the league they have not conceded as it has happened in Europe. All of them had less than 2.5 goals. Along with Chelsea, they have the second best defense in the category (5). Defenders Rose, Kaboul and midfielder Capoue will miss the game today.

Home: 2-1-1
Goals: 4-4
Last 5: 3-1-1

Hull: Hull Tigers could not continue their unbeaten streak, losing at Goodison Park by 2-1 from Everton, in a match where they could take at least one point. They found themselves back in scoring 8 minutes in but equalized in 30th minute with Sagbo. In 57th minute in a very fast counterattack they conceded the second. Things are going well for Hull, who had not lost in four previous games (2-2-0), while in the last 7 they have lost only two away games in Man. City and Everton. Doubtful: midfielder Brady and striker Aluko. Unavailable: goalkeeper McGregor, defender Chester and midfielders Livermore, Koren and striker Graham.

Away: 1-0-3
Goals: 4-8
Last 5: 2-2-1

Online betting sites: The mission of Tottenham is not as easy as it looks. We expect them to win, however and maybe it's time to combine it with a game that will have more than 2.5 goals (1.80 Stoiximan), something that has not yet matched in EPL.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

This is how to win with Best Betting Websites

One should not bet out of excitement or out of support for their team. Your aim in any of the best betting websites is to win money. The first strategy to successful betting is setting aside a certain amount of money that will be used for payment in case you lose.

Do not drink and bet

This rule might seem so simple and yet it is the most ignored. Alcohol interferes with your judgement and therefore you should not drink at all while playing. While gambling you might find it hard to accept defeat but it is also important that you remain calm. Emotions can interfere with your judgement too causing you to make bad decisions meaning you lose more money since you are not thinking straight.

Hunches or homework?

There are those who place a bet according to what their instincts tell them but being smart calls for doing proper research. This will increase your chances of winning. Ensure that you are well acquainted with the trends of the best betting websites. This is to ensure that whatever you pick is of value. Your chances of getting better odds are by having many accounts. Whether your bet is big or small good bookmakers will be up to the task. Analyse everything and use the statistics you get to play a successful game. Remember every game has its own rules. Do not forget to have fun knowing in the back of your mind that you are out to make some money while at it.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Strategies to be used on Best Online Gambling Websites

All the best online gambling websiteshave strategies. If you follow them you can end up a very happy person. You should note that the strategies vary from one game to another therefore you should be very keen. When you know the methodology involved you will have done half of the work needed to win.


This is a method known as martingale whereby after a loss you double your bets. This is to ensure that your losses will be compensated by the win and you also get a profit which is the same as the amount you placed in the beginning.  This method is successfully applicable if the online site has not imposed any limitations on the amount you can bet.

Minimizing the risks and maximizing the returns

In order to lower your risks and increase your returns in gambling you can implement the Maria laying strategy. Under funding is highlighted as the main factor in losing. The method requires you to be disciplined since winning is within a matter of time.

Get this clear

Trying to be clever is not advised. The method used by others to beat the bookmakers might not necessarily work for you. Before trying a Dundee shuffle do ensure that you really know what it is. Betting should not be so complicated so take it easy at first. If you want to enjoy playing on the best online gambling websites you should calculate the amount of money that you are ready to lose before things start getting serious.

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Choosing your Online Expert Bookmakers and Gambling Websites

A lot of people have moved from the traditional gambling and casinos to online gambling. The reasons range from the wide diversity of games they get online to the convenience that they get from playing in the comfort of their own home.

When it comes to playing online, it will depend on your luck if you win or lose. But if there is one thing that you could control, that is the ability to choose your bookmaker. In games that involve gambling, there will always be this one man who is in charge of all your bets and also provides you with vital information and strategies on how to win. One great way to win online is to find an expert, and a great partner that will provide you with all the necessary information to win the game.

Searching for the Most Reliable Bookmaker

Some people still have high doubts when it comes to choosing online expert bookmakers and playing online. Especially for first time online gamers, it is hard to trust somebody when it comes to online transactions, but there are always ways to find the best people online. This will require a little bit of research, but most websites will already offer a selection of secure and reliable online bookmakers. Some well established online gambling websites will have reviews regarding certain bookmakers. More importantly, look for customer reviews and see if they can recommend anyone.

Through these reviews, you can also find bookmakers to avoid; there will be complains regarding a particular bookmaker who you will eventually learn to avoid.

Expect Good Customer Service

One of the biggest reasons why people hire bookmakers is to assist them when it comes to online gambling and online betting websites. But if you are experiencing below average customer service such as having difficulty in withdrawals or deposits or are limited to playing only a few games online, then you should consider looking for a different bookmaker.

Bookmakers are in charge of your finances and only the best is expected from them. It is important that you are able to reach your bookmaker in times when you need them you should be given an email address or a contact number where they can be reached in case any trouble occurs. Choosing a bookmaker is not just about finding someone who will handle all your bets and provide you with useful tips when it comes to winning a game; a bookmaker should always make sure that your entire gaming experience is easy. There should be no hassles and everything should always run smoothly.

Take note of sign up bonuses

One of the different perks of hiring a bookmaker is the multitude of perks that go with hiring them. Most of the time clients get free bets as a first deposit bonus or a new member bonus. This is usually the technique they use to draw in more clients, although these bonuses are considered as an extra benefit, you should always look on reputation of the bookkeeper first before looking at the bonuses they offer.